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EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit

EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit

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Kristen Dawson shared her result after using the EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit since December 2022. Congrats to the success!

"My colleagues used to call me names about my thin lips all the time. I got really self-conscious about it. Tried everything after my surgeon told me that my skin doesn't react well to the injections. Tried the suction method, mint oil... Nothing gave me a lasting result until I met this! I've been using it as often as I can for about 1 month now and it certainly blew my mind! It glides on my lips really smoothly and comfortably. There's no tingling sensation to it so I was really surprised at the plumping effect of it! A really good plus is how moisturizing it is so I can use it as a lip balm as well. I'll definitely stock up on this!" - Kristen Dawson(31), New York 

"My lips aren't thin enough to embarrass me but they've been losing their definition and got way drier since I was 25. I've tried many brands before, but they can be quite pricey for long term and their results often are very temporary too. Thanks to my sister who introduced this to me because I'd never know non-invasive plumping essence can bring me with such a lasting effect! It brought back the plump fullness and definition back into my lips!" - Melissa Jackson(29), San Francisco

Achieve Fuller, Plumper and Softer Lips!

Who needs fillers when the EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit can give you naturally plump lips? With the help of the plumping moisturizers in this incredible day and night lip care package, your lips will appear fuller, softer, and smoother.

What Cause Dry and Chapped Lips?

Chapped lips are the result of dry, cracked skin on your lips due to cold or dry weather, sun exposure, frequently licking your lips or dehydration. Depression and stress, anxiety can cause noticeable dryness of the lips and the mucus membrane that lines the inside of the mouth.

How does EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit works?


Lip plumper for day and at night - Use the Day Lip Plumper during the day to give your lips a plumper, bouncy texture and a luscious definition while repairing chapped, dry lips with our Night Plumper at night.

Repair lips skin problem - With extra micro-hyaluronic acid that moisturizes your lips quickly and effectively, you can provide all critical nourishment to boost the repairing and perfecting of your lips. Consistent use can even reduce chapped and dry texture when you're not using!

Vitamin E provides your lips with plenty of nourishment while repairing the natural protective barrier for your lips, leaving them with a smooth and supple texture. 

Revive the natural rosy tint using this EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit. The ultra filling formula is perfect to smoothen all the fine lines in your lips. This Lip gloss increases the collagen and hyaluronic acid regeneration rate, as well as the cell turnover rate, enabling your lips to look full, supple, and youthful at all times. 

What makes EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit Special?

  • Naturally hydrates and moisturizes lips
  • Boost lips elasticity for fuller lips
  • Helps diminish lines and wrinkles around the lips
  • Treats dry, cracked and chapped lips
  • Helps add volume and gloss to your lips

Here are some of our Happy Customers


"I had a very tiny tingling feeling when I first used the EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit, but it was not painful at all. I realized the product actually worked at that point. My lips have a pink color and appear enlarged and full. I adore it. I adore how it moisturizes my lips and helps to prevent dry skin. - Lianna Jance


"I enjoy using this set. It wonderfully moisturizes and adds substantial volume to my lips. I'm quite pleased with the outcome. The mint product protects chapped lips and is cooling at night. Try the EverGlow™ LipPlumping Essence Kit right away! Without a doubt, I'll purchase another set. - Jody Lincoln

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